We know rare.

We think rare.

With patients, advocates, and caregivers

at the center, we are shaping the future of rare

disease treatment development.

For us, it's personal.


We forge the connections that engage, unify, and amplify the voices of patients, advocates, and caregivers to inform and accelerate the development and commercialization of emerging treatments.

Rare is personal.

In the small, hard-to-reach communities that define rare disease groups, the stories and the connections they forge require a different approach. We specialize in three areas critical to the successful development and commercialization of treatments for rare diseases: collaboration, science, and technology. Our tech-forward approach centers on the development of online educational communities that provide curated resources and online community features for patients, advocates, and caregivers. When paired with our publication planning and scientific communications offerings, we provide unparalleled access to — and insight from — rare disease communities.

Our innovative approach

We offer three unique, interconnected solutions to build community connections:


Our web and mobile experiences unify rare disease populations around resources and community conversation. Key features include:

Safe conversation spaces

Our secure, HIPAA-compliant community forum offers a venue for empathy, insight, and connection.

Trusted resources

Our expert team members curate the best, most reliable rare disease resources from across the web.

Custom content offerings

Our sites are tailored to meet the needs of the community, with optional features including clinical trial education content and our proprietary Clinical Trial Locator tool.


Customized rare disease medical publication programs that address the intricacies of publication planning in rare disease.

Progressive publication thinking

Like everything else in rare, publications are different and deserve a fresh patient-, advocate-, and caregiver-centered approach.

Enhancing the rare presence

Just 0.2% of medical literature is composed of rare-focused publications. We help you find your share of voice in rare. It is so important that we do.

Core commitment

We believe in open access. We believe in patients as authors. We believe in informing trial participants of results as part of the publications plan. Are you ready to implement patient-, advocate- and caregiver-focused change in your publications programs?


Our approach to scientific communications celebrates that rare patients, advocates, and caregivers are critical shapers of their rare disease ecosystem.

Rare insights

Understand the patient journey, define the burden of disease, find patients — our experienced team uses rare community insights to help you build a strategic foundation that is designed to work in your rare ecosystem.

Rigorous content

Build clinical suspicion, reduce diagnostic delays, optimize care — our advanced-degree writers, strategists, and community experts collaborate to develop content that educates and motivates.

Dynamic events

Build community, motivate, generate insights — our live and digital events employ adult learning principles and experiences that enable change.



Digital Experiences
Our newest onevoice community, oneSMAvoice empowers people impacted by spinal muscular atrophy.

rareIQ: Building Rare

Scientific Communications
What does it take to build a sustainable patient community? This white paper outlines rareLife’s three-step, rare-focused approach.


Digital Experiences
In partnership with the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, oneSCDvoice empowers people impacted by sickle cell disease.


Our approach to scientific communications celebrates that rare patients, advocates, and caregivers are critical shapers of their rare disease ecosystem.

Our clients and partners include:


Dan Donovan

Founder & CEO
Dan’s experiences and observations have led him to believe that there is a better, smarter way to engage all rare disease stakeholders and accelerate disease understanding and treatment success. He believes the power of collaboration is the linchpin to this fundamental change.

Laura Wuerth

President, rareLife solutions
Laura is a strategic thinker who leads the SciComm team to surpass client expectations. As the proud mom of a teenage daughter with a rare disease, Laura spends a lot of time picking up towels from the bathroom floor, just like most moms. When not working (or picking up towels) you may find Laura riding dressage, hiking, practicing yoga, or trying to finish that darn MBA.

Patti Troy-Ott

Sr. Director, Client Solutions
Patti is Senior Director of Client Solutions for scientific communications and medical publications. She found her niche in Sci Comm because of its fast pace, challenging content, and demand for excellence. At rareLife, she finds that focusing on rare diseases and the hope for cures adds layers of meaning and motivation. When not at her desk, you’ll find Patti baking while listening to NPR, walking the shore with pups Tuxy and Jersey Girl, or planning the next “Family Fun Night” dance party with her husband, family, and friends.


If you’re interested in learning more about how rareLife solutions can help you, let us know!