collaboration. science. technology.

our collaborative teams benefit rare patients' lives by developing communication programs rooted in science and online platforms customized for a particular rare disease

what do we do?

rareLife solutions specializes in 3 elements critical to the successful development of treatments for rare diseases: collaboration, science and technology.  We offer integrated consulting services and software and platform as a service (PaaS) solutions for advocacy groups, pharmaceutical and device companies, medical and research centers, and professional healthcare associations.


We build strategic and tactical engagement plans that involve building communities and coalitions of people and organizations impacted by rare diseases. We use our communitySculpting and proprietary processes to provide outreach, scientific and technology solutions that make an impact. Our harmonious communities are multi-stakeholder - patients, caregivers, advocates, industry, research, clinicians, and allied health. All join in the collaboration.


We offer professional services to build medical communications and publication planning strategies and tactics. Our advanced-degree teams transform clinical trial and real world evidence into effective education and awareness campaigns, and also into high-quality, peer-reviewed journal articles, abstracts and posters. Our expert data teams unearth insights and create targeted research reports, digital materials, publication policies, processes, and programs.


We specialize in creating earth-shattering, game-changing software technologies for people impacted by rare diseases. We build guided platform as a service (PaaS) communities that go beyond static websites, forums and link-sharing to activated engagement because each platform is customized for a particular rare disease. We are launching - a place where people can discover, share and visualize their journeys with rare diseases.

we are dedicated to rare diseases because rare is different

how do we fit?

We look for the solution where it may not already exist, we build things to fill voids, we listen, watch and learn for insights and opportunities to truly be of service to people impacted by rare disease. We vision new ideas (the easy part) and roll up our sleeves to implement them (the really hard part).

We collaborate and join forces with those companies, institutions and organizations who are also seeking better treatments and services for the historically underserved rare disease communities. contact us today and we’ll talk about how we could fit with you!